Upgrade your units with a flushing bowl system. This is a great way to hide waste and keep the unit looking clean. These easy to install flush systems will make your unit more versatile allowing you to use it for events that call for a little more discretion.



The 4Men meets all men wishes when it's about using a portable urinal at an event. The time where it was not easy to handle the drinking glasses is over. Indeed, the 4Men has been built with specific places to put the drinking glasses to offer a more pleasnt experience to the end-user. Available in Europe only.


The mobile, wheeled urinal can be easily and quickly set up anywhere, and is easy to clean. This hygienic solution is normally used where waste collection using a service unit is not possible.



This portable urinal can accommodate 3 users at once and can connect to a drain. Combine it with your portable toilets during events for maximum profit.


Turn your wheel chair accessible unit into a 3-man (1x SRO) or 6-man (2x SRO) urinal with this unique conversion kit. The double SRO unit features two troughs with room for 3 users on each side.

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