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High Tech II Overview

When you are looking for luxury, the High Tech II provides end users the ultimate restroom experience. With a fresh flushing system, stainless steel bowl, internal wash station, overhead solar light, built- in paper towel receptacle, and large mirror, it has all the comforts of home. End users operate the flushing system and hand wash station with a foot pump, which allows for hands-free, germ-free operation. Most of all, each component is designed to form a beautifully contoured interior.

Structurally, the High Tech II is wider than a standard restroom to accommodate all the amenities. For sanitary reasons, the hand wash station has its own separate fresh water reservoir while the fresh water for flushing is stored in the base. A double-walled cap-style roof, twin-sheet side walls and the added support from the internal components produce an incredibly strong restroom, able to withstand constant use and still maintain its elegant look.

  • Extremely large 88 gallon tank
  • All double wall construction
  • Foot operated fresh flush
  • Foot operated hand wash
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Solar lighting
  • Waste basket
  • Four-roll toilet paper dispenser
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

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High Tech II Standard Features

High Tech II Additional Options

High Tech II Specifications

  • Height: 91" (2311mm)
  • Width: 51.5" (1308mm)
  • Depth: 47" (1194mm)
  • Door opening: 75" (1905mm)
  • Floor area: 1036 in² (6683.86 cm²)
  • Tank volume: 88 gal. (333L)
  • Weight: 299 lbs. (136 kg)

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