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Selfie. It's What Everyone's Been Waiting For!

The go-anywhere, do-anything Selfie from Satellite Suites is designed for those who want “their own space”. A place to get away from the crowd and freshen up…in private.

The Selfie has two private bathrooms, each with a flushing toilet, sink, counter top, mirror and bright, ambient lighting. It’s ideal for parties up to 150 people and can operate all day with fully recharged batteries and a full fresh water tank.

The best news is the price starting at £13.032. But, don’t think you’re sacrificing quality. We use the same materials and craftsmanship to build the Selfie as we do all our Suites trailers.

Selfie SLIM

Our newest model, the Selfie SLIM is a sleek narrow version of our Selfie. This go-anywhere, do-anything trailer is great for events on the smaller side. It offers you all the comfort as your home bathroom but in a transportable size.


  • Weight: 1723.65kg
  • Weight (axle): (2) 1587.57kg Torsion
  • No. of Stations: 2
  • Length | w Tounge: 3200mm | 4521,2mm
  • Width | w Steps: 2311.4mm | 2641,6mm
  • Height | w AC: 2895.6mm | 3225,79mm
  • Fresh Tank: 393.68L
  • Waste Tank: 776L

Selfie Slim

  • Weight: 1478.71kg
  • Weight (axle): 1587.57kg Torsion
  • No. of Stations: 1
  • Length | w Tounge: 2743.2mm | 3962.4mm
  • Width | w Steps: 1524mm | 1828.8mm
  • Height | w AC: 3048mm
  • Fresh Tank: 352L
  • Waste Tank: 492L

Call for more information: +44/ 1530 515 216