Satellite Industries

Satellite Industries is the world’s largest supplier of products to the portable toilet industry including toilets, service units and chemicals. Satellite is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and its European headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium. In addition, there is an office/warehouse in Appleby, UK and Duisburg, Germany. The United States has distribution centers in Virginia, Kansas, Oregon and California.

For products, Satellite has 11 models of portable toilets ranging from standard to wheelchair accessible and various specialty models. Restrooms are available in flushing and non-flushing, shower models and in Europe, fully plumbed toilets with warm water hand wash stations. The company also offers a variety of squatting toilets for markets in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Service units, especially designed and developed to easily empty and quickly clean portable toilet cabins, are offered through Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Ranging in size from a small MAL300 1136L unit that can be transported in the back of a pick up truck to a MAL650 2463L unit permanently installed on a chassis, a wide range of versions are available.

Safe-T-Fresh chemicals and cleaners, manufactured by Satellite Environmental, are located near Austin, Texas. Types of products include liquid, packet and tablet chemicals, cabana sprays, cleaners for washing down toilets and trucks, graffiti remover and other important products for the portable sanitation industry. There are environmentally friendly chemical formulas available in liquid and packet. Safe-T-Fresh also offers the industries first and most comprehensive customer loyalty program, ROI Rewards

Other products include free standing handwash and hand sanitizer stations and holding tanks used in high volume applications.

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