18 February 2022

Satellite Industries is proud to announce the acquisition of Sanitrax International!


Satellite Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer in the portable sanitation industry, has announced the acquisition of Sanitrax International, the leading manufacturer in vacuum technology for portable sanitation products. The Sanitrax organization will be a part of Satellite’s new Vacuum Products Division and will be the foundation for growth in this rapidly developing industry segment.

Sanitrax developed and sold the world’s first and only patent-pending, retractable, containerized mobile restroom unit, housing multiple self-contained toilets, urinals, washbasins, and showers that rely on proven vacuum flush technology. This technology saves up to 90% of the water used by conventional gravity flushing toilets, and due to its unique retractable design, has also saved customers an average of 50% on logistical costs during transportation.

Vacuum flush technology (like that used in airplane restrooms) offered by Sanitrax fits perfectly in the vision of Satellite, which is the world’s largest supplier of portable toilets, service trucks, restroom trailers and deodorizers. “The full integration of vacuum products through this acquisition fits right into Satellite’s vision for the future and will set the foundation for growth in all of our divisions with this exciting technology” says John Babcock, Satellite’s president.

All of the products in the Sanitrax lineup are based on a retractable concept for compact transportation and are proven to be environmentally friendly, easy to clean and easy to maintain The modular nature of the product allows it to be set up in different configurations making it customizable to customer needs on site, making them a great solution for any event or location where a large number of portable toilets are needed. The Sanitrax products are specifically designed for events, festivals, fairs, humanitarian aid, and military operations; places where portable restrooms and sanitation equipment are needed most.

Sanitrax mobile vacuum toilet, sink, urinal, and shower modules were designed around one goal: to improve hygiene, enhance the user experience, reduce shipping costs, and provide a modular, sustainable solution for all mobile restroom needs.

“As the newest division of Satellite Industries, Sanitrax’ customers globally will experience a more local presence and operating within the larger Satellite global structure will allow more focus on product innovation.” Says Marcel Bikker - CEO Sanitrax International BV.

Discover Sanitrax products here: Satellite-Sanitrax Product Brochure


7 January 2021

Portable sanitation essential in emergency crisis


Migrants from a group of 1,334 rescued from different boats remain in the port of Arguineguin while being cared for by the Spanish Red Cross and the National Police on the Spanish Canary island of Gran Canaria, Nov. 20, 2020.
* Image source:


In November 2020 the Spanish government set up temporary accommodation for 7,000 migrants who had arrived to Canary Islands. On the image we can see 2 Maxim cabins in use at the emergency shelter on the islands.

Portable sanitation continues to prove itself essential in emergency crisis. It is a solution that can be supplied rather quickly, with no need for running water, and for situations that could be temporary but also extended in time. Portable toilets and handwash not only provide safe and private sanitation but they also help contain disease outbreaks, especially relevant during these times when we are facing a global pandemic.



20 March 2020

Dear Valued Customers


We are all facing unprecedented times… that is for sure. I would like to take the opportunity in this communication to discuss the challenges and opportunities we are all facing in the portable sanitation industry and share some of the many insights we are learning on a daily basis. We are constantly assessing actions needed immediately in front of us, as well as thinking of what the long-term impact will be on our industry. We all have much to share with each other, and I hope that we all band together to get through these times.

Our industry has been serving disasters, both regionally and nationally, since the time of our inception. We are veterans of disasters, yet I think we will all agree that this one is very different than what we are used to. Regardless, we are in the sanitation business and together our industry has so much to offer in products and services to fight this virus at the street level in communities across the globe.

On one hand, events are being cancelled around the globe which will certainly cause major hardship for our industry. On the other hand, there are opportunities popping up daily to serve communities and our regular customers. As an industry, it is time to get out into our communities (via telephone of course) and find out where we can redeploy our equipment to help fight the spread of this virus with all of our sanitation products.

Here is a list of new opportunities we are seeing:

  • As new testing and treatment centers are being envisioned and deployed, there are opportunities to provide sanitation to these sites.
  • There is a major need for handwashing everywhere; our best lead times are on interior handwash units such as our Slimmate.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing of units on route will be needed.
  • Use of free-standing sink stations has been exploding; we have longer lead times on these items. We are working hard to improve this.
  • Free standing hand sanitizer stations have been in high demand, we are quickly ramping up our supply capabilities. Our lead times will go down drastically when new tools are complete in 4 weeks.

In Europe, our supply chain organization is still standing and we have a lot of inventory available to ship immediately from our warehouses. Apart for the products like hand sanitizer refills and hand sanitizer stations where everyone is experiencing long lead times, we can still supply soaps and deodorizer and have no disruption on our supply chain of toilet cabins or in-unit sinks. While of course a lot of events are being cancelled we see an increase of the need for portable restrooms for a lot of the emergency solutions that are currently being set up, namely disinfection centers or temporary hospitals. We have solutions for large quantities of free-standing handwash stations.

One thing I feel certain about is that as a result of this global pandemic event, handwashing / hand sanitizing culture around the world will fundamentally change. People will require more access to handwashing facilities, new innovations in mobile hand cleansing will be developed, and customers of portable toilets will require adequate access to handwashing. It may also change the requirements of our service trucks to carry more potable water. It is hard to predict exactly what is to come, but I do feel that our industry will carry a large responsibility in being the innovator of these hand cleaning options.

These are just some of the potential opportunities in front of us that could be leveraged to offset some losses in the traditional single unit deployment, as events and gatherings are cancelled.

Our industry carries a great responsibility in playing a critical role in containing the spread of germs and disease, and I hope that through active cooperation and leadership of our collective companies we can weather these uncertain times together and create new opportunities for our industry going forward.

At Satellite we are working hard to keep our doors open and our employees safe. We will do everything in our power to continue serving you. All employees know that they do not need to worry about their paycheck if they require quarantine and/or medical attention due to a COVID-19 diagnosis. We provide everyone with supportive encouragement, so that they can remove themselves from the environment without financial or moral concern.

As much as we are able, products will keep being made and shipping out the door to you. I would, however, point out that because similar products are in demand right now, the supply chain is heavily taxed and we along with every other supplier are experiencing longer than normal lead times. I thank you in advance for patience in this matter.

As the next days, weeks and months unfold, we will learn more about the impact of this pandemic event on our industry. I will be sure to keep communication flowing with ideas and thoughts on how we can continue working together to keep our industry healthy.

Best regards,

Todd Hilde
Satellite Industries, Inc



6 March 2019

Satellite Acquires PolyPortables


“It is an honor to combine these two great companies into one,” said Todd Hilde, CEO and owner of Satellite Industries. “PolyPortables’ strong leadership and quality products make the combination of our companies something I believe will be a tremendous benefit to our customers, employees and the industry. In the end, we will develop more products and services, advance industry knowledge and provide a higher level of technical support.”

“We also understand that our differences as companies are what is attractive to our customers,” adds Todd. “PolyPortables customers will continue to work directly with their Sales Representatives and Satellite customers will continue working with their Area Manager with the added benefit of being able to purchase each other’s products.”

“Any changes going forward will focus on how it benefits our customers and employees,” said Todd. “Both companies have a long history of customer and employee longevity and we expect this new company will only strengthen those relationships.”

Eric Capers, President of PolyPortables, also recognizes the benefits. “Our decision to accept the purchase offer by Satellite came about because of seeing the advantages to both our customers and employees,” said Eric. “We are going to focus on leveraging the strengths of both companies for the good of our customers.”

“Both Satellite and Polyportables’ teams are excited to join forces,” said John Babcock, President of Satellite Industries. “We have similar cultures and are dedicated to serving our customers, which means providing a wider variety of products, people, locations and resources.”



5 February 2018

Since 1958


We’re celebrating 2018 by thanking you for sixty years in business. Without our customers, we could not have reached this milestone!

As our thanks to you, we will be giving away 60 gifts to 60 lucky winners at this year’s WWETT Show! Look for a registration card in the January and February issues of PRO magazine. Fill out the card and bring it to booth 4030 to enter the drawing!

Every year we enjoy seeing many Satellite customers. This year, we hope to see you and hopefully, make you one of the lucky winners!


The Early Days

We met in the early ‘60’s’, both in our late 20’s. Al had just moved his fledging business from Marshall Avenue in N.E. Minneapolis to Plymouth. I was in a small law firm where the senior partner also taught Business Law at the University of Minnesota. Al attended that course.

Al became one of my first clients and to this day I think of him as the personification of work ethic and of how an individual with an idea (and not a lot else) can become an extremely successful entrepreneur in America.

But wait a minute, when I said, “not a lot else”, I forgot about his greatest virtue – her name is Jayne. She was the right woman for him and kept him “grounded”. But a business doesn’t grow, or last, without some other essentials. It takes people to run it and Al always kept focused on getting the right employees. A lot of effort went into finding compensation systems that rewarded and motivated all who came to Satellite. In one sense, it wasn’t a high-tech business but Al made it feel like one by his constant search to build a better unit and discover the perfect chemicals. The right employees were critical in the hunt for a “better mouse trap”. Much time was also spent expanding via acquisitions and quality control by picking the right vendors.

Ah yes, but that was over 55 years ago and I was asked to be brief, plus it shouldn’t be my job to nominate him for sainthood.

So, I will say just one more thing: Al didn’t inherit his business and he didn’t just get lucky----he earned it.

I saw it happen.

Paul Klaverkamp
Assistant Chairman/Board Member

old tufway
“I was in a pickup truck traveling to a national show in San Diego with the very first Tufway in the back. Just past Las Vegas I looked in my mirror and saw it tumbling across the pavement. Stopping quickly, I retrieved the unit with its scuff marks but no broken parts.

At the show, I was explaining to a potential customer why there were scuff marks. He asked me how fast I was traveling when it fell out of the truck. I told him 55 mph. He bought the demo unit and put in an order for more toilets. I guess it was a pretty good testimony of the durability of the Tufway.”
Phil Juaire Former VP of Manufacturing

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