Vacuum Pump Modules for Portable Toilets

Today, Satellite vacuum pump modules offer operators a lightweight method for cleaning toilets. With a clever design and proven components, these modules provide worry-free operation. If all this is possible it is thanks to the heritage gathered through almost 60 years of experience in the portable toilet industry. We keep on improving our products and we’ll continue to work on providing you with the perfect material for your business.

MAL 250

This bolt-in module holds 700L of waste with 250L of fresh water.

MAL 300

This bolt-in module holds 750L of waste with 380L of fresh water.

MAL 450

This bolt-in module holds 1150L of waste with 550L of fresh water.

MAL 650

This bolt-in module holds 1600L of waste with 850L of fresh water.

MSG 925

This bolt-in module holds 2300L of waste with 1200L of fresh water.

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