Product Maintenance

Promoting the longevity of portable toilets and handwash units in addition to service vehicles relies heavily upon proper care and maintenance. Here are number of resources to keep your equipment in top condition for years to come.


Service Units Maintenance

Vacuum Pump Modules Maintenance

Satellite Industries Vacuum pump module

Preventive maintenance preserves the value of the equipment. Keeping the module in good working order extends equipment life and cost down. Early detection of problems allows to anticipate needed repairs. Trucks that do not need to be taken offline for extensive repairs will avoid work interruptions. Regular inspections, analysis and training can be used to predict and prevent component failures that may create breakdowns and safety hazards. Here are the key points for maintenance:

How to use the module?

Knowing the possibilities and limitations of your module will allow you to get the most of it. Be sure to read the manual before you first use the module. Make sure that new operators are given the time to study the manual and that they are trained by a certified personal. In some cases there is need for more specific knowledge on operating a module, or how to maintain a fleet. Satellite Industries is keen to share their extensive knowledge and experience. From a basic consult to a made-to-measure training program, we want you to be able to get the most from your Satellite module. Please inform your local Area Manager for any special needs.

Correct maintenance. What is it? And why?

Satellite Industries service unit maintenance

There are two kinds of maintenance. The first is called pro-active maintenance, and the second is called reactive maintenance (read: repairs). Keeping your module and truck tidy and performing regular checks will allow you to stay on top with the technical condition of your machines. And good machines allow you to keep on doing your job. With just a few minutes per day you can prevent unexpected breakdowns. Combining your experience and our knowledge of the components used, we can help you set up an easy to use maintenance schedule.

What daily routine can you implement?

Preventive maintenance should be part of the daily routine. Booking 10 minutes of the operator’s time per day to do some basic maintenance will prevent longer downtime because of a broken down truck in the long run. A daily check before the service route combined with draining and cleaning at the end of the day will keep your focus on the technical state of your truck, and allows you to properly schedule bigger repairs if needed.

How to maintain the aluminium tanks?

Every used material to build a vacuum tank has its own way to be maintained. All metals are susceptible to the various fluids common in our industry.

It is extremely important to follow proper maintenance and product care to enhance the lifetime of the tank. Satellite Industries uses a marine grade aluminium, which already offers a high resistance to corrosive fluids. However it is good to keep in mind that additional care and correct maintenance will improve the life expectancy of your aluminium tank. For your aluminium to withstand the attack of corrosive materials, we recommend that the interior of your tank is pressure washed every 3 months. This will assure:

  • no chemicals trapped in crevices;
  • no welded components around interior that will accelerate the process of deterioration of the aluminum.

Satellite Industries zinc anodes

On top of that Satellite Industries fits all their service modules with zinc anodes. These anodes are a wearing part. The anode will attract the corrosive materials and deteriorate instead of the tank. These anodes will need to be checked for wear every 6 months. The correct procedure is to take them out (unscrewing), after emptying the respective tank, and measure for length. When new and unused, the total length of the zinc on the anode is 7.5cm.

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