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Tag II Overview

Introducing the Tag II, Hand Wash Station. One of our most popular pieces of long-lasting equipment is the Tag Along hand wash station. Without trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’, we noticed a few small improvements that we could make to this outstanding sink. After maximizing the potential of the internal components, our engineers decided that it was time for a face lift to suite! Its rugged construction matches the high quality of the Super Twin, yet its lightweight footprint makes it simple to transport. In fact, the Tag II will fit inside most standard size portable restrooms for delivery. The days of making two trips to deliver two restrooms and a sink are over!

Features Include

  • 90.85L fresh water capacity
  • 90.85L Gray water capacity
  • Foot pump operation
  • Designed to accommodate complete forearm washing
  • Dual, molded-in spigots make for a vandal-discouraging design
  • Larger cutouts make the powerful foot pumps easily accessible, even for users in heavy work boots
  • Fresh water compartment is easily removed for regular sanitizing
  • Two Spray Soap dispensers
  • Two lockable paper towel dispensers
  • 6.8L per minute foot pump

Options Include

  • Lift Kit


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Tag II Specifications

  • Height: 1314.45mm
  • Width: 431.8mm
  • Length: 735.33mm
  • Fresh Volume: 90.85L
  • Waste Volume: 90.85L
  • Color: Gray
  • Empty Weight: 31.75Kg

Tag II Download/Media

Call for more information: +44/ 1530 515 216