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Boudoir Overview

When you’re looking for a special-event class portable restroom at an affordable cost, look no further than the Boudior. Built within the shell of an Enhanced Access Unit (EAU), this roomy (61” X 61”), yet-manageable unit offers the epitome of comfort in a non-trailer-based portable restroom.

Features Include

  • Hand pump flush operation
  • 151.4L waste tank
  • Toilet seat and cover
  • Dual-roll toilet paper holder with included rod and padlock
  • Available with a recirculating flush system
  • Available with a fresh flush system
  • Available with a combo flush system
  • Urinal if desired or excluded for women’s designation
  • Pro-22 internal hand wash station
  • Promount board with soap dispenser, mirror and paper towel dispenser
  • Coat hook
  • Courtesy shelf
  • Motion-activated light
  • Take-A-Seat toilet seat cleaner
  • High molecular-weight material with extra UV protection ensures that your units will continue to look new through years of work

Boudoir Specifications

  • Height Roof: 2220mm
  • Width: 1550mm
  • Depth: 1550mm
  • Door opening: W 901.7mm
  • Floor area: 24 cm²
  • Tank volume: 151.4L
  • Seat height: 476mm
  • Weight: 138.346 kg

Boudoir Download/Media

Call for more information: +44/ 1530 515 216