Portable Sanitation Business Opportunities
Increasingly the world is striving for improved public health, which leads to a higher standard of living, increased productivity and safer environmental conditions. Portable sanitation products play a vital role in those efforts. The portable toilet industry helps to manage the proper collection and disposal of human waste, in temporary or permanent locations where sewer-connected facilities are not available, and hand sanitation stations & products facilitate cleanliness and improved hygiene. Accordingly, the portable sanitation industry has become important to improving worldwide public health, increasing human dignity and preserving the world's environment.



The portable sanitation industry has grown worldwide because of the important economic benefits it provides to the construction and outdoor event industries. Portable toilets save money on construction and other work sites because they save time and reduce labor costs. Hand sanitation stations (both standalone and in-unit) promote better hygiene and improved health conditions. The toilets & hand sanitation stations are easily relocated and can follow the workers as the project progresses. For outdoor events, portable toilets & hand sanitation stations generate money for the event organizer because spectators will stay longer and thus spend more money.

This ever-increasing demand for portable sanitation products provides an excellent business opportunity for new or established companies who wish to diversify into this business segment. By providing a service that has widespread demand in the marketplace and benefits society, owners of portable sanitation companies are finding the toilet/handwash rental and service business to be a profitable venture with unlimited growth potential.

In many countries, this industry is just beginning. Those who enter now can develop it and become a dominant figure in the local market.


Market Segments

  • Construction: 60% - Buildings, highways, bridges, apartments, etc.
  • Special Events: 20% - Concerts, carnivals, weddings, fairs, sporting events, etc.
  • Recreation: 10% - Beaches, parks, sporting grounds, zoos, etc.
  • Commercial: 10% - Bus stops, mining operations, agriculture, military sites, etc.


Construction and Commercial are typically long term rentals. Events and recreation are normally short term rentals.

These percentages are averages and vary according to your market.

Benefits of Portable Toilets for Construction Sites:

  • More worker productivity; less time spent traveling to off site facilities
  • Improved worker morale
  • Can be easily relocated as needs change and project completion shifts

Benefits of Portable Toilets for Construction Sites:

  • Helps provide a positive image for event
  • Provides required sanitary services
  • A cost effective solution for short term crowds
  • People stay longer, spend more


Events around the world that need portable toilets
Around the world, Satellite customers have provided portable sanitation to the following large outdoor events:


  • Special Event No. of Toilets
  • Seoul Olympics (Korea) 1,200
  • Barcelona Olympics (Spain) 1,100
  • Hurricane Hugo (USA) 3,500
  • Rolling Stones Concert (Germany) 750
  • Papal visit (Mexico) 400
  • 50th Anniversary VE-Day (England) 2,000
  • D-Day Celebration (France) 1,000
  • Papal visit (Germany) 6,000
  • Atlanta Olympics (USA) 2,000
  • Papal visit (Slovenia) 800
  • Papal visit (France) 500
  • Carnival (Brazil) 100-200
  • Disney New Year's Marathon (USA) 600
  • Formula Indy Formula 1 (Brazil) 220
  • Oktoberfest (Germany) 1,000
  • Denver Papal visit (USA) 1,250
  • Hurricane Katrina (USA) 10,000+
  • Grand Prix (USA) 200
  • Rose Bowl (USA) 800
  • Susan G. Komen Walk (USA) 250
  • Charlotte NASCAR 400
  • PGA (USA) 400
  • Chicago Marathon (USA) 1,000
  • Disney Marathon (USA) 500
  • Boston Marathon (USA) 2,400
  • Weltjugendtag 2005 (Germany) 12,000
  • Pope visit 2011 (Germany) 1,500
  • Formula One Grand Prix (Germany) 500 (every year)
  • Truck Grand Prix (Germany) 600 (every year)
  • Commonwealth Games 2002 (England) 2,000
  • Tour de France 2007 (England) 500
  • Pope visit 2010 (England) 80
  • Royal wedding 2011 (England) 1,000
  • Youth Christian 2011 (Spain) 6,000
  • Earthquake l’Aquila (Italy) 2,400
  • French Scouts Gathering (France) 500
  • 60th anniversary of Deportation (France) 1,000
  • Pope’s visit (France) 300
  • Rugby World Cup (France) 300
  • The Jehovah’s Witnesses Congress (France) 500
  • G8 Congress (France) 300
  • Tour de France each year (France)Tour de France each year (France) 500-1000 per stage

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