Using a complete steel connection, these lift kits allow for the safe lifting of portable restrooms with a full waste tank and full handwash sink to the upper floors on multi-story construction sites. All necessary hardware is included.

Lift Kit for full unit
(assembly instruction)

Distinctly designed to lift a single Mondo and Tufway unit from a metal ring securely fastened to the roof and a metal bar that extends down the side, into the base. This lift system is GS-certified for Mondo units.

Highrise Lift Kit
(assembly instruction)

Uniquely fitted to the Highrise unit, a firm bond is made as the metal bars fasten directly to the unit and the top section has the added flexibility to pivot for added clearance.

Tufway / Mondo / Maxim
Freedom / Liberty Dry Lift Kit

Designed to lift the units from the ground onto a transport truck or trailer and back to the ground.

Sat | Poly Lift Kit

Servicing multi-story job sites are a breeze with the PolyPortables High Rise Kit. Simply attach the steel sling to the skid of your standard size portable restroom and a crane will be able to lift the unit into location on an...

Mini Lift Kit

The Poly Mini can fit inside of a freight elevator and still offers the same privacy as a standard size portable restroom. High-rise options available.

Tag II Lift Kit

Increasingly, construction sites are requiring hand washing options. As is the case with portable restroom units, hand wash stations need to go where the workers are located, even in high-rise applications. The TagAlong and...

Universal Lift Kit
(assembly instruction)

Our new wet lift is more universal than any of our previous wet lifts. It is compatible with the Tufway, Maxim 3000, and the Global II with the blow-mold base. This newly designed lift allows you to move it from model to model in a relatively short time making it extremely versatile.

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