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Solar Motion Sensor Light Overview

This solar light is specifically designed for portable toilets. The light is inserted through a cut- out hold in the roof from above, leaving the solar panel exposed. A rubber gasket ensures that the fitting remains watertight. The light is secured to the toilet structure by a back-nut with a motion sensor, which will turn the light on when movement is detected inside the toilet, and off when there is no further movement. The light is also fitted with a day/night sensor so it will not turn on during the day.

Solar Motion Sensor Light Specifications

  • 5 Super Bright LEDs emitting 35 lumens
  • 1.2V NI-mh 900mAh rechargeable battery
  • 2V100mA solar panel with built-in day/night sensor and overcharge protection
  • Motion sensor with 100-degree angle – 5-m activation zone
  • Lighting time: the light will remain on when detecting movement and turn off after no movement for 40 seconds

Solar Fan Specifications

  • Fan speed: 2500 RPM
  • Max air flow: 32.99CF/m
  • Noise level: 27dB
  • Overall size: 200*83 mm (diameter*height)
  • Insert tube: 82*58 mm (diameter*height)

Operation mode:
  • When the sunlight is over 40,000 lux, the vent will work nonstop.
  • When sunlight is approx. 8,000 lux, the vent will work 45 sec. after 4 minutes charging approx.
  • The charging time will be shorter if sunlight is brighter.

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