Eco Blue Winter

Liquid Deodorizers

Dissolves in Brine Solution, Eco Friendly
*Coming Fall 2022

The MOST eco-friendly deodorizer to hit the market, from Safe-T-Fresh. Eco BlueTM Winter's dual-film effervescent packet dissolves in brine. This extraordinary, patent pending process combines PVA film with a paper back to produce a dynamic deodorizer for events and cold weather.

Along with its increased solubility, Eco BlueTM Winter's effervescent action disperses the contents to create a deep blue, odor-fighting solution. And, Eco BlueTM Winter is the perfect way to reduce your deodorizer inventory costs and improve your service. The pre-measured packet also guarantees more consistent service!

Impact Statement By Ramya Kothamasu, Formulation Chemist | Satellite Industries


  • Fast Dissolving
  • New Non Staining Dye
  • Proven Performance
  • Dissolves in Brine Soultion
  • Long Lasting Fresh Fragrance

  • Lavender
  • More Coming Summer 2022

Sizes Available
  • 85 per bag
  • 255 per case (3 bags)

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Coming Soon.

Call for more information: 44-1530-515-216