Eco Blue Regular

Liquid Deodorizers

Moderate Heat, Moderate Traffic, Eco Friendly

The MOST eco-friendly deodorizer to hit the market, from Safe-T-Fresh. A revolutionary new packet product with no hazardous materials that doesn’t sacrifice fragrance or deep blue color. Ground breaking, patented malodor control technology eliminates the chemical process most current deodorizers use by naturally absorbing malodors. Eco BlueTM Regular is biocide and bacteria free making it fully biodegradable and treatment plant friendly. Safe-T-Fresh’s new Eco BlueTM Regular, will provide a worry free week of service and refreshing lavender scent, at moderate temperatures and moderate traffic. Wow your customers and protect the environment today!

Impact Statement By Ramya Kothamasu, Formulation Chemist | Satellite Industries


  • Fast Dissolving
  • New Non Staining Dye
  • Proven Performance
  • Moderate Heat, Moderate Traffic
  • Long Lasting Fresh Fragrance

  • Lavender
  • More Coming Summer 2022

Sizes Available
  • 85 per bag
  • 255 per case (3 bags)

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